Corydon Handsome Hotspur

Eija Alvasto and Suvi Hirvonen's dog-like trip to England in the spring of 1996 was the initial impetus for founding the club. Four days at the Crufts show, followed by an unforgettable visit to the Corydo kennel. We had the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of our hosts John, Barbara, Miranda and Lene, funny dog stories and at the same time get to know about 40 unforgettable collies. In the evening of March 18, 1996, we went over the experiences of the previous 5 days in our thoughts. No dog person can stay completely calm after receiving such a dose of life nourishment. Suvi was almost in love, because she had just met the loveliest blue collie she had ever seen. Eija watched and listened with amusement to her friend's sigh. The idea seemed to fly like a joke: What if we started a Corydon Fan Club?

The club was founded on April 21, 1996. The letter combination ACP came from the phrases: For a real collie - for a real Corydon.
The club's mission is to act as a link between breeders who use collies of the Corydon line as help in their breeding work. From the beginning, other active enthusiasts have been involved. The club is unregistered, so we want to avoid thoughts that the club would in any way compete for members or activities with the official breed organization of the breed.
The number of around 50 to 60 members has been maintained for several years - the turnover in the membership has been quite low. From the beginning, it became apparent that there is also interest in our club abroad, over the years there have been members, e.g. From Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, England, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Estonia, Denmark and Sweden
The ACP newsletter delights members 4 times a year. In recent years, the magazine has been partly in color. Because of our foreign members, part of our newsletter is always published in English
The domestic members of the club also live scattered throughout our country, but the annual meetings have been held regularly. In addition to this, a joint summer weekend, the ACP event, has been held every two or three years. The weekend has included a variety of programs and free time together. The first viewing was organized in 1997 and thereafter regularly every 2-3 years. A list of color photos of the dogs in the review has always been published afterwards
The club's future looks stable and bright. The idea born from a small joke has been around for over 20 years and there is no end in sight, that's how active our membership is. Since the club is small, every member has a real chance to influence the future activities, small pieces of thought have already developed into a lot of nice things!!

Written by Eija Alvasto

Corydon La Stupenda ja Corydon Black Cat